Requesting material from the Archives

The Archives aims to facilitate access to all records required for administrative purposes by the creating department or section. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot permit access to records less than 30 years old by anyone from another department or section without the permission of the responsible department.

Access to your records

To request an item from the Archives, please ring the office on (2)77145, or email us at . Please give us as much information as you can about the item you wish to see as it will enable us to respond more quickly to your request.  The item will usually be sent through the internal post to your office. If the material is bulky, or likely to be at risk of damage from transit, we can make arrangements for you to consult the material on our premises.

Access to another department's records

Should you wish to consult records less than 30 years old which are not the responsibility of your own department or section, we require that the department or section responsible make the request on your behalf. We ask that all requests for central University administrative ('Registry') files come via Central Records at the University Offices.

Straightforward enquiries for information

Alternatively if you have a straightforward enquiry, whether relating to your department, or of a more general nature, we will be happy to look the information up for you.  Please email us at .

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