• Highlights of the Bodleian Library's Map Collection

    A small selection of our most spectacular and historically significant maps, ranging in date from the 14th to the 20th century.

  • The Sheldon Tapestry Map of Gloucestershire

    A high-resolution image of this famous 16th century decorative map.

  • Digital mapmaking support in the Bodleian Library Map Room [coming soon]

    A few examples of the maps that we have helped Bodleian readers produce in recent months.

  • The Mystery Map of Cheshire

    In the Bodleian's collection we have recently found an untitled and unattributed map of a country estate. We believe that the subject is located somewhere in or around Cheshire, as one of the map scales is shown in Chesire acres. Judging from the style of the map, we estimate that it dates to about 1700. The only legible placename that appears on it is a 'Scotland House.' Apart from that, we know very little about its provenance! We would very much welcome any suggestions as to the area that this map depicts, or who might have made it . . .

    Hyperspectral imagery (PDF) 


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