Theology resources at PTFL


The library provides a tailored theology lending collection, focused on providing support for courses taught by the Faculty of Theology and Religion. It covers all aspects of Christianity, with good collections in biblical studies, translation of texts and studies of patristic and medieval theologians, systematic and dogmatic theology and moral theology.

The Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library also covers Philosophy of Religion, Science and Religion and the study of religions, and holds material on other world religions, including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.


Faculty of Theology on WebLearn

Resources for students in the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

Theology subject guide

A guide to Theology libraries, collections and resources.

Bible Studies subject guide

A guide to Bible Studies resources, both print and electronic.

Databases A-Z: Theology and Religion

Browse the Theology and Religion databases available through the Bodleian Libraries. Some resources may require a University Single Sign On (SSO) to access.