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The Toyota Project (sponsored by Toyota City) is a stand-alone site and was the Bodleianís first digital project.

It contains:

  • All Motoring material in the Collection (15 boxes). These records are not included in the Johnson online catalogue.
  • 1,000 sample images from the other Transport sections: Air; Bicycles; Buses and Trams; Coaches and Carriages; Carts, Waggons, Caravans, Sledges, Sedan Chairs; Motor Cycles; Railways: Ships and Boats.

Please note that we have much more extensive holdings in these areas.

Use of the database is very simple. You can:

  • Browse the Whole Database - looking at all records in order
  • Browse by Type of Transport - this will take you to another screen where you can choose which type of transport you are interested in
  • Random Browse - browse through the database by allowing it to select items at random for you to view  
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