Here you will find information about formal representation of students on the library committee, how reps are elected, what they do and how to contact them.

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UG Library representatives

UG Library reps are normally the president(s) of the Historians' Assembly from Hilary Term to Michaelmas Term the following year. That post is elected mid-Michaelmas Term in the Historians' Assembly. The current rep is Haleigh Bellamy (Wadham).

PG Library representatives

A PG Library rep is elected at the beginning of Michaelmas Term. The current reps are Frank Vitale (MSt, Christ Church) and Samuel Lane (DPhil, Christ Church).

Message from the UG Library representative 2012-13, Rachel Butler (WOR):

Welcome to the student page of the History Faculty Library!

The UHA meets once a term to collect the views of students on anything and everything related to the history course.  The meetings are relatively informal and discussion covers a wide range of general topics. The views aired at the UHA are recorded, the Co-Presidents then meet with members of the faculty and library staff to feed back to them.  The UHA is a fantastic way for the people who are running the course to find out from the students what they really think of it and their suggestions for improvements.

A major part of the UHA, and the role of presidents, is discussing library provisions.  As all history students know books and libraries are essential to completing the degree.  We are fortunate that the staff at the History Faculty Library (HFL) and the Bodleian are so keen to engage with students and adapt the provision to fit with our needs.  We meet regularly with the library staff both formally and informally to discuss what we think is going well and to make suggestions for changes that could be made. So do get in contact with any issues or queries you have about the Library.

We really want to hear from you with your thoughts and concerns. Without us knowing you opinions we donít know what you want changed.  The more people who communicate with us the more we know of what you really think!

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