Accessing Data

How to access subscription data

Data collections purchased outright or subscribed to by the Bodleian Libraries are generally distributed across the IT network and are catalogued like any other research resource. SOLO may be used to make keyword searches or to search for specific resources.

In most cases OxLIP+ has a better functionality and allows searches of data collections and databases by name and by subject area. Use of your Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) will be needed for authentication in many cases.

Some data collections cannot be distributed across the IT network. This is due to licensing restrictions or the confidential nature of content and may be held at individual Oxford libraries or departments. The Bodleian Data Library is bringing many of these collections together into one holding. Further information is available on the Restricted Data page.

Further access requirements


Most data sources allow browsing of their catalogue and even analysis of data using their own analytical tools. At various stages registration may be required - even for subscription data. Generally this is to record information on how the data is being used and as part of an authentication process.


OxLIP+ legend

Any resources found through OxLIP+ that have some further access requirements will display a symbol. Examples of these symbols and what action you may need to take can be seen in the legend.


The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research has a pencil symbol. To use this resource you would be required to register before use.

OxLIP+ examples OxLIP+ examples

Occasionally information about how you need to register can be found by clicking on the blue "More information" icon.

Where to go for advice

This diagram shows where to look for support in using data resources you have found.

Advice on accessing data for research purposes (PDF, 239 KB)
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