Data brokering service

The Bodleian Libraries provides access to a great many commercial and archived data resources. However, academic departments or research centres may already have, or be interested in obtaining, other kinds of data resources. This may include data collections which are:

  • acquired during a research project
  • unsuitable for distribution over the main IT network
  • acquired through individual negotiation
  • paid for by a department or research centre
  • in need of secure and backed up storage
  • orphaned following the completion of a project

To support the use and preservation of such collections, the Bodleian Data Service offers a data brokering service. We offer advice on negotiating licences or agreements in the use of such data. We also offer guidance on the secure use and storage of such data, and we can discuss storing collections within our restricted data portal.

Please contact the Bodleian Data Librarian to discuss this further. Additional support is also available from the Research Services and Research Data Oxford websites.