Recent acquisitions

We regularly receive new material for inclusion in the Conservative Party Archive from Conservative Campaign Headquarters and other major contributors, for example new publications and CCHQ's Daily Campaign Bulletin which is emailed to Party activists. Occasionally, major transfers of papers are made comprising the bulk of working papers produced by the Desk Officers and Subject Specialists within the Conservative Research Department over the previous 10 years or so. From 2012, significant new acquisitions such as these will be reported on this page.

Uncatalogued material is generally not available for research. New material usually requires a great deal of sorting, weeding and classifying before cataloguing can begin, and often contains sensitive material which would be embargoed under the Data Protection Acts. Depending on the resources available, it can take some time before new material is added to the online catalogue. However, readers are welcome to enquire about the progress of cataloguing of any collection which appear on these pages by contacting the Conservative Party Archivist. If the cataloguing process is at an advanced stage it may be possible to provide access to parts of a collection.

From 2012, files newly de-classified under the 30-year rule (see Access Restrictions) and any other files which the Conservative Party has agreed should no longer be restricted, will be listed here, shortly after 1st January each year, as an aid to researchers.


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