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Funded with the generous support of the Conservative Party Archive Trustees, the poster collection held as part of the Conservative Party Archive at the Bodleian Library, Oxford has been digitised and is now freely available for download via the web. The main collection dates back to the Conservatives' attack on Lloyd George's People's Budget and support for the Tariff Reform League in 1909, but includes earlier posters back to 1886. The collection is a rich and stimulating visual resource for the study of the main issues affecting the politics of the 20th and early 21st centuries. The collection is continually being added to with regular transfers from Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

The Conservative Party Archivist would be glad to be advised of any errors in the information provided: corrections and queries should be addressed to the Conservative Party Archivist.

Users are welcome to download these images for their own or any other non-commercial purpose without requesting further permission, provided the source is given as 'Conservative Party Archive' and the shelfmark cited (eg, Poster 1987-06). High resolution, publication-quality reproductions are available via the two methods below:

Online access to the Conservative Party Archive's collection of election posters, c1877-2007 is available  via the two methods below:

Direct from the Bodleian Library

All of the poster images in the Conservative Party Archive are available to browse here on the Bodleian Library's own website using Insight® software provided by Luna Imaging, Inc.

High resolution copies can be ordered direct from the Bodleian Library's Library's Imaging Services. An application form, including pricing options can be downloaded here.

Via Getty Images

The entire collection of over 600 Conservative Party election posters is also available to browse or download from the Getty Images website, where it forms part of the Hulton Archive and complements existing Getty Images'collections of political imagery. As the world's most comprehensive commercial archive, the Hulton Archive is renowned for housing the world's largest collection of archival imagery, with over 80 million images, and is constantly being updated to include images dating to the end of the 20th century.

Please note: Getty Images also handles licensing rights concerning the Conservative Party poster images on behalf of the Conservative Party Archive.

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