Material declassified under the 30-year rule

Most unpublished manuscript material in the Conservative Party Archive is subject to a general 30-year access restriction, while a few series are embargoed regardless of date without permission from the Conservative Party (see Access Restrictions).

Files de-classified under the 30-year rule (see Access Restrictions) since 2016, and any other files which the Conservative Party has agreed should no longer be restricted, are listed here:

For a list of the 137 files de-restricted in 2016, click here.

For a list of the 133 files de-restricted in 2017, click here

For a list of the 125 files de-restricted in 2018, click here. 

For a list of the 144 files de-restricted in 2019, click here.

For a list of the 194 files de-restricted in 2020, click here.

Please note that this does not apply to uncatalogued material which is generally not available for research, regardless of whether it would otherwise fall into the 'open' category.  

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