PCs, Laptops and Mobile Devices


Library PCs

There are 6 PCs in the Library, 3 on each floor. Software includes:

  • Web browsers for accessing SOLO, electronic resources and the internet
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Applications
  • Adobe Reader and Adobe Digital Editions
  • Other software including GIMP, iTunes, EndNote and Nuance PDF creator

You need to log on to PCs using your University or Library card barcode number. For more information on logging on to Library PCs, please see the guide: PCs and Laptops (PDF) - printed copies available in the Library.


You can save items temporarily to the desktop but you are strongly advised to either save items to a USB stick or email them to yourself.
PCs will log out automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity and all files will be deleted.

Remember to log off at the end of your session to prevent other readers from using your account.

Please note
Library PCs are provided primarily to access library resources. For work such as essay writing, you may be able to use the Student Computing Facility provided by OUDCE in Rewley House (not available to Weekly Class students). Ask at OUDCE Reception

Quick look-up terminals

We also have two quick check terminals, or 'kiosk PCs', one on each floor. These are not full PCs, but can be used to check SOLO. You do not need to log on to use these terminals.

Laptops and Mobile Devices

You are welcome to use these in the Library. The Reading Room has powerpoints set into the floor and there are power points above the benching on the lower floor of the library.

Wifi networks

The Bodleian Libraries network is available in the Library to anyone with a University or library card. To log on to the network you need your barcode number and password - the same as for logging on to library PCs.

For more information on logging on, please see the guide: PCs and Laptops (PDF)

Bodleian Libraries wifi gives you access to electronic resources as if you were using a library PC.

Other networks

If you are a University card holder you can also access the OWL and Eduroam networks. You can find more information about these in the guide: PCs and Laptops (PDF)


If you are a visitor to the Department you may be eligible for visitor wi-fi access. Ask you course administrator or at Reception, the Library is unable to help with visitor accounts.

If you are a member of the Library and are resident in the Department, you may have been given wifi access in your bedroom. This will be similar to an internet cafe and will not give access to subscription electronic resources. You are advised to use the Bodleian Libraries network in the vicinity of the Library for this.

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