Missing books

This page is about books which are listed on the catalogue as "Available", but are not on the shelf. If you have lost a book that you borrowed from the Continuing Education Library, please see Lost Books.

If you are unable to find a book in the Library that is showing as available on the SOLO library catalogue, you can let us know in person or fill in the form below.

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Please tell us the name of the course.

If we find the book after this date, we won't contact you.

(7 digit number on the bottom right of your card)

What happens next?

Library staff will search for the book. If we find the book we will put it behind the Issue Desk under your name and send you an email to confirm it is available for you to collect.  If we do not find the book after searching twice, we will consider purchasing a replacement copy. We will contact you to let you know either way.
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