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I need a concise but scholarly introduction to my topic

Try the Very Short Introduction series published by Oxford University Press. These provide intelligent and serious introductions to a huge range of subjects written by experts in the field.

How do I find Very Short Introductions?

  • If you are looking for a specific title, you can search for it on SOLO as for any other book.
  • If you want to explore the whole collection, or a subject area, you can enter the search 'Very Short Introductions' on SOLO or OxLIP+ 
  • All registered library users can access them on PCs in the Library or in the Library using Bodleian Libraries wi-fi. If you have a University card you can also access them off campus using your Oxford Single Sign On.
  • You'll also find print copies of many titles in the Rewley House Continuing Education Library and other Bodleian Libraries

How do they work?

When viewing a specific book you can:

  • Use the contents page to access chapters of the book
  • Search within a book 
  • Use the 'Further reading' list in the End Matter section to pursue the topic in more depth. Entries are linked to SOLO to help you find print and/or online copies
  • Use the links on the side bar to find related Very Short Introductions, definitions of key terms in OUP reference works, other related OUP publications and further works by the author

Using the Very Short Introductions website you can:

  • Browse by subject area to find books and chapters
  • Search within a subject area
  • Search across the whole range of titles to find books and chapters
  • Set up an account so that you can save a list of your favourite books and chapters, create a reading list and create notes on your reading


In need of help?

  • You can Take a Tour for a general introduction to Very Short Introductions
  • You can use the Help link for help for specific topics


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