Choosing relevant e-resources

Library guides

Library staff have created online guides to help you find relevant resources for your subject. To see guides written by Continuing Education Library staff relating to subjects taught in the Continuing Education Department, go to Resources by Subject. Each of these guides has a section on e-resources, with details of Oxford's subscriptions and free online resources. There are also many helpful guides written by library staff elsewhere in the university. To see a full list of online guides by Oxford University library staff, go to Oxford Libguides.

Free resources for Weekly Class students

If you are on a Weekly Class, there may be a section for your course on the Sesame Project. The Sesame Project is a site set up by the Continuing Education Department, which gives access to online educational resources created or selected by Weekly Class tutors. All resources on the site are free and open access.

Browsing Oxford's e-resources by subject

In OxLIP+, the subject tab allows you to browse a list of databases for your subject or to find particular types of database (e.g. dictionaries). The subject list starts with “New titles”. Scroll down to find the A-Z of subjects. Once you have found your subject you may be offered a list of sub-categories.   Choose a sub-catagory if appropriate and click Go. To find out more about a particular database, click the "i" symbol.


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