Weekly Class students

 All students registered for weekly classes held at:

  • Ewert House or Rewley House in Oxford
  • external venues where book boxes are provided
  • University of Reading

are welcome to become members of the Library.

To join the Library, you can visit in person or submit an online Library card application form. You can also supply your details by phone or email. If your course is held at Ewert House and you wish to use the computers in the Student Resource Room, you will need to join the Library first. This is because you will need your library card number to log onto the PCs.

You will find useful information about the Library on this website. For information specific to weekly class students, including information for students based at the University of Reading, please see the online Guide for Weekly Class Students

Certificate of Higher Education students

If you are studying weekly classes as part of the CertHE programme, you may wish to look at the area for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Masters students as you have Undergraduate status for library purposes.

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