Data themes: Art and culture

Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Online / Artists of the World Online
From the classical era up to the present, from every country in the world the database covers painters, graphic designers, sculptors, architects, designers, photographers, calligraphers, craftsmen and many more.

Arts Council England Data Library
Data on the distribution of investment and the activity related to it. View statistics from Arts Council England.

Audience Finder & Dashboard
A collection of hundreds of box office and ticketing databases from different arts and cultural organisations all around the country. For example, it allows for the identification of overlapping audiences between different theatres and concert halls. Versions of the vast data set are available to everyone. The data is usually displayed in a dashboard format (and mapping of audience data is also a feature).

Creative Industries - Arts & Culture: Facts and Figures
Key information about the arts and culture sector in the UK.

Cultural Education Data Portal
Data is gathered from a variety of sources and includes information on demographics, art, culture and education. You can use the tool to compare data across multiple locations.

Data as Culture
The ODI’s (Open Data Institute) art programme aiming to engage diverse audiences with artists and works that use data as an art material.

This dataset hosts the Cultural Data Profile (CDP), a detailed online survey of financial, programmatic, and demographic information that cultural nonprofit organisations fill out once annually, and use to apply for funding to multiple grant programs. Other organisations provide data as part of integrated surveys administered by national arts service organisation partners. This data contributes to a national data resource for research and advocacy.

Digital Culture Data Portal
Ran a digital culture survey annually from 2013 to 2015 to find out about the digital behaviours of arts and culture organisations in England.

Digital Nineveh Archives
One of the objectives of the project is to establish a searchable data repository for analysis of currently unlinked sets of data from different areas of the Nineveh site (Iraq) and different episodes in the 160-year history of excavations. The archived content is directly credited to the contributor, who determines re-use and access.

An electronic publishing program developed by Human Relations Area Files, a cooperative inter-university consortium, and includes:

eHRAF Archaelogy
A database that focuses on in-depth descriptive documents of archaeological traditions from around the world. It is unique in having subject indexing at the paragraph level which allows detailed and precise searching for concepts not easily found with keywords.

eHRAF World Cultures
A cross-cultural database that contains over 350,000 pages of information on all aspects of cultural and social life. The annually-growing eHRAF database is unique in that the information is organized into cultures and ethnic groups and the full-text sources are subject-indexed at the paragraph level.

GOV.UK Statistics: Arts and Culture
Official statistics produced impartially and free from political influence.

London Datastore: Art and Culture
A free and open data-sharing portal where anyone can access data relating to the capital.

Museums Map
An interactive map of the 1304 museums accredited under Arts Council England's scheme.

NADAC: National Archive of Data on Arts & Culture
Digital archive of data on arts and culture. Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Pratiques Culturelles des Francais a l'ere numerique
Summary results of a cultural survey of France (1973, 1981, 1988, 1997, 2008). The results of the 2008 survey reveal the scale of the effects of a decade of changes brought about by the rise digital culture and the internet.

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