Collection management policy: legal deposit

Supporting Document to Collection Management Policy Statement

1. University of Oxford and legal deposit

The Bodleian Libraries recognize the legal deposit of publications under the terms of the Legal Deposit Libraries Act as a longstanding benefit to the University of Oxford, both in the past and in the future. It is accepted that such material is provided for the long-term use of the community of readers in Oxford, in the United Kingdom, and internationally. The legal deposit collections are seen as a national and international resource, and policies relating to them and their management are agreed after consultation with the other five legal deposit libraries.

2. Scope of legal deposit acquisition

The Bodleian Libraries are committed to working with the other legal deposit libraries in the systematic and comprehensive collection of all publications issued in the United Kingdom. While the Bodleian Libraries aim to acquire all academic material, they will also attempt to collect a range of other publications in cooperation with those libraries.

3. Protection of legal deposit publications

As far as resources permit, legal deposit copies of 'core texts' and other titles on open access and receiving, or likely to receive, heavy use will be protected by the use of substitute copies.

4. Location of print legal deposit material

Legal deposit material received under the terms of the Legal Deposit Libraries Act is located in any of the Bodleian Libraries which meet specified conditions applied to the housing of that material. The conditions are as follows:

  • Appropriate preservation policies should be in place there.
  • The library should be able to grant access to all readers who meet the criteria for admission to the Bodleian Libraries (see 5 below).
  • The library's opening hours should provide for the needs of the research community throughout the year.
  • Legal deposit material should be identified as such, and its retention status recorded.

Libraries that currently meet the specified conditions are as follows:

Bodleian Education Library
Bodleian Japanese Library
Bodleian KB Chen China Centre Library
Bodleian Law Library
Bodleian Library - Old Library
Bodleian Library - Radcliffe Camera
Bodleian Library - Weston Library
Bodleian Oriental Institute Library
Bodleian Social Science Library
Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library
Radcliffe Science Library
Sackler Library
Taylor Bodleian Slavonic and Modern Greek Library
Taylor Institution Library
Vere Harmsworth Library

5. Access to legal deposit material

Access to legal deposit material, housed in any of the Bodleian Libraries, will be given to any person engaged in serious study who can demonstrate a need to use it, that is, to anyone who meets the criteria for admission to the Bodleian Libraries. As far as is practicable, legal deposit material housed in the Book Storage Facility will be made available to readers for consultation in any of the Bodleian Libraries meeting the conditions set out in section 4 above.

Print books and journals acquired through legal deposit in the Bodleian Libraries are not generally lent directly to readers, subject to certain exceptions. Some categories of legally deposited publications are made available to outside readers through the national inter-library loan service under strict conditions, and there are similar procedures for sending material on interdepartmental loan to other libraries within the University. Access to electronic legal deposit material is provided in Bodleian Libraries' reading rooms.

6. Retention and disposal

Please see supporting document to the Collection management policy 'Disposal, retention and transfer'.

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