What will I be doing on the training scheme?

Working with digital archivesMuch of your training will be on-the-job, with guidance and support from colleagues in the Bodleian Libraries who are experts in their field. Working in the recently refurbished Weston Library, home to our Special Collections, you'll learn both traditional and digital archiving skills and have the opportunity to apply these to some internationally important collections.

What will I learn?

To help you shape your learning you will develop and maintain an Individual Learning Plan so that you can target the knowledge and skills you need to develop and build a portfolio to demonstrate these. You will augment your skills and knowledge in an iterative way, with principles and practices reinforcing each other. You will work with colleagues on digital archives processing, archiving of websites, cataloguing of archive collections, XML manipulation and metadata management, providing services to users of Special Collections and much more.

During your traineeship you will also have the opportunity to work on a development project with a software engineer. All archivists curating digital heritage will need to call on the assistance of a software engineer to create a new tool, or to enhance an existing one, at some point in their career. Developing an understanding of this process will give you a chance to learn what is involved and to enhance our tools.

How will I learn?

Learning approaches will include: 

  • shadowing experts in the field
  • small training sessions
  • hands-on experience, supporting aspects of existing projects and routine activities
  • reading and research to feed into discussion
  • reading and research with written outcomes
  • participating in the Oxford Libraries' Graduate Trainee Programme

Sharing your learning

Part of your role will be to share your learning through the Bodleian Libraries' social media. As you move into your second year with us you will also help to support volunteers and work-experience students.

Preparing for the next step in your career

These high-quality experiences will provide you with a solid basis upon which to make applications for your first professional post in the archives sector once you complete your traineeship.

Further information

The DigCurv website outlines the knowledge and skills you will need to work in digital archives.

The Archives and Records Association Competencies Framework provides an overview of competencies for archivists, encompassing traditional and digital curation.

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