What is digital archiving?

Digital archivingArchivists collect the records of people and organisations in order to provide sources for exploring and interpreting our history. These materials come in all kinds of formats, from manuscripts written on calf skin to enormous email archives. We even archive websites. More and more of what archivists collect is born digitally, and must be preserved digitally too.

Digital technology is constantly shifting, and the challenges of preserving materials in digital formats require constant innovation. This means that the curation of archives 'born-digitally' is heavily reliant on research, development and problem-solving.

Further sources of information

To learn more about digital archiving at the Bodleian Libraries, visit the Bodleian Electronic Archives and Manuscripts website.

The Digital Preservation Coalition is a good source of information on digital preservation work in the United Kingdom.

The Signal blog, maintained by the Library of Congress, provides a window on the world of the digital curation practitioners.

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