Bodleian Libraries on social media

How we use the Bodleian Libraries social media channels, and how we engage with social media users.

Where you can find us

You can find the primary Bodleian Libraries channels at:

The Bodleian Libraries (which is what we call the institution as a whole) comprises nearly 30 individual Libraries – many of which also run their own Twitter and/or Facebook channels, and blogs.

Sometimes we hand individual libraries the keys to our primary channels in our #BodSocialTakeover

What you can expect from us

Our aim is to help people to use our collections and libraries for education and inspiration. We post content about our fascinating items; our exhibitions and events; the important work that we do; and the talented people that we work with. We endeavour to make our social media channels edifying, entertaining, exciting, and even surprising.

Many of our followers are students and other active users of the Bodleian Libraries. In line with University of Oxford terminology, we call this audience ‘Readers’ – with a capital R. We head up posts which are specifically for this audience with #BodleianReaders. Search this hashtag for posts relating to things like Reader Services, operational updates and helpful information to help you use the library. And if you have questions or feedback about Reader Services, it’s always best to contact the team directly at

You’ll generally find our social media team online between 9am – 5.30pm (UK time) on weekdays.

We try to read every message and Tweet that’s posted to us, but we don’t guarantee a reply. Please remember that you’re messaging a human being – not a Bodleian encyclopaedia – so while we may (when time permits) try to uncover answers to niche and interesting questions for you, we can’t guarantee that we’ll come back to you with an answer. Sometimes we may direct you somewhere else.

If we follow a channel, or like a post, it doesn’t necessarily mean we endorse it.

We’re fairly casual on our social channels – and may even stray into good-natured sass if it feels appropriate - but we’ll always be professional and courteous, and we expect you to engage with us in the same way.

What we expect from you

We want to hear about how you’ve engaged with our collections, or enjoyed our spaces!

We love academic discussion – but please respect other users. Back up your opinions with facts where possible.

Please don’t use copyrighted material, unless you have permission from the owner.

If we see inappropriate comments, we may remove them – and we’ll block users who are rude, abusive or offensive.

Most important of all, we expect you to help us to continue to make the Bodleian Libraries social media channels an inclusive, enlightening, and lovely place to be.