Lost a Book?

If you cannot find a book please contact library staff ASAP and continue searching at home, college library, other faculty libraries as well as in the Bodleian. Also ask friends if they have the book.

Hopefully the book will be found and you will only need to pay a late book fine when it is checked in at the library. You will still receive automatic reminders and fines will continue to accumulate untill the book is returned.

After two weeks, if the book is not found and returned, an invoice will be issued to cover replacement costs which will include processing and administration charges. The invoice should be paid within a week. There will not be a late book fine. The Library does not accept replacement books.

Ways to pay the invoice.

If the book is found after the invoice has been paid and before your course has concluded, or, for University staff, one calendar year from when the payment was made, then the basic replacement cost (but not processing and administration charges) will be refunded.

Current charges in addition to the book cost are:

Processing charge £11.00
Out of print charge £35

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