Bodleian Libraries' Strategy 2013-2016

28 February 2014

The mission of the Bodleian Libraries is to provide an excellent service to support the learning, teaching and research objectives of the University of Oxford; and to develop and maintain access to Oxford’s unique collections for the benefit of scholarship and society.

How will we do this?
Our Strategy lays out clearly what we aim to do in the next 3 years. It will provide direction and help to set priorities for work across the Libraries. It also shows how we will support the University of Oxford in their strategic aims. It was developed after extensive discussion and consultation to ensure that it represented the needs of both the Libraries and our users.

The Strategy is available in full online at

We have also written an Implementation Plan to show exactly how our aims can be met.

Progress on all the tasks listed in the Implementation Plan will be carefully monitored to ensure that we make clear steps towards delivering what we have publically said we intend to. The Implementation Plan is a “living” document so it will be reviewed every year and updated if necessary to make sure that it still reflects the needs of our users.

You can also find the Implementation Plan in full at

When will you do this?
We’ve already started! If you read the Implementation Plan you will see that it provides clear dates against each task to indicate when we will be working on it.

With thanks for your support as we continue to keep the Libraries evolving to meet your needs.

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