Oxford University Archives become part of the Bodleian Libraries

3 August 2010

The University of Oxford boasts one of the longest continuous traditions of keeping records of any institution in Britain. Since the early thirteenth century the University has preserved and maintained administrative records, and this function was formalised in 1634 when Brian Twyne was appointed the first Keeper of the Archives.

A Review of the Archives in 2002 recommended that the Library and the Archives should be integrated in time, and through subsequent discussions in the Committee of the Archives and the Curators of the University Libraries, it was agreed that the Archives should become part of the Bodleian with effect from 1 August 2010, although they should remain as a separate unit, headed by the Keeper of the Archives, and reporting to the Keeper of Special Collections and Associate Director.

The Oxford University Archives continue to operate as a key part of the supporting network for the administrative and research life of the University, headed by Simon Bailey, the 21st holder of his office. He is supported by Alice Millea and Anna Petre (who share the role of Assistant Keeper) and by an Archives Assistant.

Richard Ovenden, Associate Director and Keeper of Special Collections, Bodleian Libraries said: 'The Archives and the Bodleian have worked well together in numerous ways over the past 400 years and we look forward to even closer collaboration, now that we have the opportunity to welcome them formally into our fold.'

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