Social Science Library joins concordat

17 May 2007

Oxford University’s Social Science Library (SSL) has joined the five-year old collaboration between the Library of the LSE and the British Library in support of social science research.


Jude England, Head of Social Science Collections and Research, British Library (BL), Maureen Wade, Head of Library Services at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and Margaret Robb, Social Sciences Librarian at Oxford University, met at LSE in March 2007 to sign this important concordat. The agreement brings together three of the UK’s most renowned libraries in a range of collaborative activities to improve support for social science researchers.


The potent addition of Oxford University’s modern social science library (SSL) with access to a wide range of resources significantly enhances an already powerful partnership, signed in 2002, between the UK’s largest and most comprehensive research collection (BL) and the world’s largest library devoted exclusively to the social sciences (LSE). The BL and LSE have already agreed collaborative collection policies on European government publications, recorded on both their websites.


Recognising the complementary nature of their social science collections, the BL, the Library at LSE and now Oxford’s SSL will collaborate closely on collection development in agreed areas, as well as on information services, staff development and a range of special projects on matters of mutual interest such as digitisation and preservation of government documents on the web.


Margaret Robb, Social Sciences Librarian said “This concordat recognises the rich and diverse social science collections held by Oxford University and its aim, through this collaboration, to further enhance the materials and services available to social scientists.”


Maureen Wade, Head of Library Services at LSE said “The addition of Oxford’s SSL to the concordat will strengthen our combined ability to support the world’s social science researchers, as well as promoting the appropriate preservation of publications for future generations.”


Jude England said ‘We’re delighted that Oxford SSL has joined the concordat and are particularly looking forward to enhancing the services we provide, as well as to working together to anticipate the needs of the next generations of social scientists.’


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