IT and copying

Wellcome PCs Library PCs

The Library offers 2 quick look up computers (sometimes called Sun Rays) for searching the library catalogue and 1 library PC with internet access and word processing software.  Please note the library PC requires readers to have a valid University Card or Bodleian Libraries reader card to log in.

Laptops, wireless devices and wifi

Both reading rooms also have wireless and power points so you can use your own laptops. For more information about the library networks available, please visit download our wireless guide (PDF).


Unfortunately there are no printing facilities for library users at the History of Medicine Library.  However, the Bodleian Libraries' Remote Print system allows print jobs to be sent to another Bodleian Libraries library for pick-up in the next 72 hours.


The CHSMT has a photocopier situated near the Library in the basement. This is administered by the CHSMT itself and so does not run on the centralised Bodleian Libraries' PCAS system. To use the photocopier you will need to see the Unit Secretary Belinda Clark for a code and pay for any copies in cash. The current price of an A4 Black & White copy is 5p. Copyright limits apply when copying library material.


Library users can photograph material from the Library for free using their own camera.  Copyright limits apply when copying library material. Please ask staff for book stands and weights if required.

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