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Data training calendar

Many training opportunities are available within the University to gain valuable research skills and develop a better understanding of finding and working with data.
Workshops are run by different departments, from the Bodleian Library's iSkills sessions to IT Learning Centre courses.

This calendar brings together all the data related workshops in one convenient place. Booking links are available in the course description.

Training programmes & self-study tools

Bodleian iSkills

Bodleian iSkills logo

Bodleian iSkills is a series of free workshops focusing on general skills and resources which can be used across a wide range of disciplines.
These workshops cover topics from managing your research data to information discovery and searching for scholarly materials; managing references and formatting footnotes and bibliographies; keeping up to date with new research; measuring research impact; understanding copyright and looking after your intellectual property; Open Access publishing and complying with funder mandates for open access.

Subject libraries

  • Radcliffe Science Library - Research Information Training

    The RSL's Research Information Training is a series of short courses run by science subject librarians. The training programme is designed to provide support to students and staff undertaking research. Courses follow the research cycle and should help you identify, plan, gather, evaluate and manage research information.

  • Digital.Humanities @ Oxford
    Digital Humanities training

    The Digital Humanities at Oxford Network organises training and events.

IT Learning Centre

The IT Learning Centre (ITLC) runs IT Learning Program, providing courses and self-study tools on a wide variety of topics, including IT, management and business skills as well as guidance on career development.


    All University members have free access to a vast online library of video-based courses at Click on the logo to access all the courses using your Single Sign-On credentials.

  • ITLC Portfolio

    You can download a wide range of free study materials from the ITLC Portfolio, where you will find a range of resources to develop IT skills for study, research and work: browse using the Search box, pick a phrase from the Tag Cloud or the Site Picks lists, or view all of the resources.



A programme designed to promote a step-change in quantitative social science training.
The Oxford Q-Step Centre enables undergraduates across the Social Sciences to have access to enhanced training in Quantitative Methods, through lectures and data-labs. It is hosted by the Department of Politics and International Relations, in close co-operation with the Department of Sociology, and based in the Manor Road Building.
See Courses, Statistics, and Resources.

Social Sciences research & skills training

The Social Sciences Division and its departments run a range of research and professional skills training for DPhil students and early career researchers. 

External data training & events

Online training opportunities as well as various workshops, seminars and conferences are also available from UKDS and other organisations.

Online training & courses

UK Data Service video tutorials

UKDS range of training videos covers a variety of topics on accessing, citing, depositing, managing, and weighting data; data analysis tools, historical data, teaching with data.
Subscribe to the UK Data Service YouTube channel to get all the latest videos as they are published.

CESSDA training

CESSDA provides training on research data management, data curation, etc. in the social sciences.

ESRC training & webinars

"On their own, data are not valuable. It is how you transform data into information and information into knowledge that really makes a difference."
ESRC runs a comprehensive selection of events which include training seminars and courses, free webinars, and public lectures.

ICPSR webinars & tutorials

The ICPSR YouTube Channel presents Webinars and tutorials on accessing and using ICPSR resources. The Webinars cover a variety of topics, including finding what you want on the ICPSR website, analysing ICPSR data online, creating setup files for SPSS, debugging SAS, SPSS, and Stata code, etc.


MANTRA is a free online interactive research data management training course hosted and maintained by the University of Edinburgh.
Through a series of non-assessed units, researchers and others involved in the management of digital data for a research project can learn about:

  • Research data
  • Data management plans
  • Organising data
  • Files formats
  • Documentation, metadata and citation
  • Storage and security
  • Data protection, access and rights
  • Sharing, preserving and licensing
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