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As part of the Taiwan Resource Centre for Chinese Studies we also offering a list of free e-resources from Taiwan.
The China Centre has a collection of Chinese films and documentaries. Please contact the Chinese Studies Administrator on how to get access.


Current Trials

  • Ta-Kung-Pao 大公報 (L'impartial) 1902-1949
  • This database gives access to the different incarnations of the influential Republican newspaper Ta-Kung-Pao published between 1902 and 1949 in Tianjin, Shanghai, Hankou, Hong Kong, Chongqing and Guilin. The trial runs until 28.02.2018



Reference works



Classical texts

Collections of digital facsimiles

Statistics and Yearbooks

Please also see the Bodleian Data Library website on Data on China.

Policies and Laws

  • PKU Law 北大法寳 (Peking University)

Theses and Dissertations

Contemporary China

Free e-resource collections

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