Chinese Studies Collections in Oxford

The Bodleian KB Chen China Centre Library was officially opened in September 2014 in the Dickson Poon China Centre building in the precincts of St. Hugh's College. It is part of the University of Oxford China Centre and holds the principal teaching and reference collections relating to China in the humanities and social sciences in Oxford. The library supports both teaching and research in these areas. 

In addition to China Centre Library's collections, books on Chinese art and archaeology are held in the Eastern Art Collection at the Sackler Library. Most of the Chinese language material is stored off-site in the Book Storage Facility in Swindon. The Chinese special collections are held in the Weston Library and can be consulted in David Reading Room on level 5.

The China Centre Library functions as a teaching collection. It comprises western and Chinese works on most aspects of China except art and archaeology; and a reference section of works (in all languages) concerned with China and the Chinese diaspora. The books (periodicals and pamphlets being kept in a separate sequence) are arranged on the shelves by subject according to the Harvard-Yenching classification, a copy of which is kept by the terminals. There are two main sections: the main lending collection is in the mobile shelving, the reference section of confined dictionaries, bibliographies etc. occupy the static shelving in the reading room. There is a display of current periodicals in the Reading Room.

The library's western and Japanese language stock is recorded on SOLO, its post-1991 Chinese material in the Chinese Catalogue pre-1992 acquisitions in Chinese are entered in the author/title card catalogue (Wade-Giles transliteration). SOLO is searchable by title, author, subject and keyword; the allegro catalogue is accessible both in traditional original script and in transliteration.  External access to all on-line catalogues is available via the SOLO page.

No attempt has been made to build up a comprehensive collection of printed journals, since most relevant titles are taken somewhere in Oxford. Periodicals are recorded in the appropriate on-line catalogues and current issues of selected titles are placed on display. Periodicals may not be borrowed. Many periodicals are available on-line (full text) via Oxford University E-journals.                          

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                                                                     In CCL Reference collection

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