Finding Chinese Studies Books and Journals

Western language books and journals 

  • SOLO: The University's main discovery tool.

Chinese language books and journals

  • New Chinese allegro catalogue (beta): The new Chinese allegro catalogue gives details of Chinese language materials held in the Bodleian KB Chen China Centre Library and other Oxford libraries including some of the collections in the KB Chen China Centre Library. It is searchable both in Chinese original script (traditional characters) and in non-aggregated pinyin. It is optimised for mobile phones and tablets and is currently under development. Alternatively you can also use the four corner catalogue (四角目錄).

  • Serica: Serica is a subset of the Chinese allegro catalogue and gives details of the Chinese pre-modern collections. It allows browsing by traditional sibu classification and is only searchable in Chinese original script (traditional characters). The catalogue shows the extent and nature of the Bodleian Library's pre-modern holdings, and gives access to those parts of the collection that have been digitised. 

  • China Centre Library Chinese Card Catalogue: The Chinese collections of the China Centre Library are mostly catalogued on cards. The author and title catalogue also lists the included works of congshu held in the library.

  • Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts: The card catalogue of Oriental manuscripts is now available as a fully searchable database. The content of the Chinese section of this catalogue will gradually be added to the main Chinese catalogue and the Serica catalogue.

  • Conspectus of Chinese shelfmarks: The conspectus records information on date of acquisition, provenance, current and obsolete shelfmarks for selected items in the Chinese collection.

  • Estampages chinois en Europe: Chinese rubbings in the collection of the Bodleian were catalogued by Jean-Pierre Dragnet in the European Union Catalogue of Chinese Rubbings hosted at the Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO) in Paris.

Union Catalogues


COPAC lists holdings of over 80 UK and Irish academic, national & specialist libraries.


UK Union Catalogue of Chinese Books

Records of the Bodleianís Chinese holdings are contained in the UK Union Catalogue of Chinese books. This catalogue  is no longer updated. It is still accessible, but no additions have been made to it since the end of 2013.

Holdings of Japanese Books in European Libraries

Since 1990 the Bodleian Library has been adding holdings of its Japanese Language books to the European Union Catalogue of Japanese Books. This catalogue has now been superseded by CiNii Books (selection Europe).

Chinese Studies e-Resources

The Bodleian Libraries subscribe to a number of Chinese Studies e-Resources. Please consult our Chinese Studies e-Resources page.

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