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Finding e-books

All of the Bodleian Libraries' e-books can be found on SOLO with links to the e-books themselves found in the records.

Why use e-books?

There are a number of benefits to using e-books:

  • With remote access, e-books are there when you need them; not just in library opening hours
  • Full text searching helps save you time when looking for relevant sections, passages and quotes
  • Multiple e-books are easy to carry around when they are stored on your laptop, tablet or e-reader
For more information on finding, using and citing e-books check out the e-books Libguide.

E-books can be downloaded and accessed offline. Different e-books are hosted on different platforms and have different access deadlines. The table below features the details of our most used e-books platforms.

e-Book Platforms

Download time
Broader Explanation
Download Format
1 Day
You can have access to the e-book offline for up to 24 hours.
PDF, epub
14 days
You can have access to the e-book offline for up to 14 days.PDF, epub
Cambridge Books Online
You can have access to the e-book offline for as long as you want.PDF

Electronic Legal Deposit

The Bodleian Libraries have received legal deposit materials for years. We are now receiving a great deal of this material electronically. This material appears in SOLO like our normal library stock but has restrictions on how it is accessed. This means that it can only be accessed on a library PC. More information is available on the Bodleian Legal Deposit page.

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