You said it. We did it.

Opening Hours

You said: Love this library! Any chance of keeping longer hours?

Standing desks

You said: Can we have a standing desk?

Confined Books

You said: Why are so many books confined?

Open sign

We did: We acquired funding and now open 11am-7pm on Sundays in term time.

Standing desk

We did: We bought a standing desk. We also have two height-adjustable desks.

Stack of confined books

We did: One copy of every reading list book and all legal deposit books are confined. Ask us to buy extra copies for lending!

Scan& Deliver

You said: Scan and Deliver documents are hard to read on an iPad.


You said: Please may I drink coffee in the library?


You said: Could you provide alternative keyboards?

Image of notebooks and pen

We did: This has been tested and now appears to be working correctly.


We did: We now allow drinks in KeepCups in the SSL. KeepCups may be bought from the Issue Desk.

Ergonomic keyboard and lite touch keyboard

We did: One light-touch and one ergonomic keyboard are now available to borrow from the Issue Desk.


You said: I need a projector for my meeting in the Large Discussion Room.

VHL stack requests

You said: Could Vere Harmsworth Library closed stack items be sent to the SSL?

The Economist

You said: It is hard to access and use the online versions of The Economist.


We did: We fitted projectors in both Discussion Rooms.


We did: We set up a new route and you can now order these items to the SSL.


We did: Notes have been added to the different versions available via SOLO.

Laptop-free zone

You said: Can laptops be banned from one area of the library? The typing is distracting.

Quiet study

You said: Could the Central graduate Study Room be made a quiet study zone in Trinity Term?

New Books

You said: Id like to see a list of new SSL books.

Laptop free zone

We did: We trialed a laptop-free zone and after receiving positive feedback from readers this is now permanent.

Quiet landscape

We did: Yes! We updated the signage and informed readers.


We did: We now post a monthly new books list on our website, with an RSS feed and links to SOLO.

Positive Feedback

You said: As a PPEist...the SSL is clearly the most organised, best resourced and most helpful.

Access to Course Readings

You said: Can you improve access to items on my reading list?

Events Calendar

You said: Id like a term card showing library events.


We did: We circulated your feedback amongst SSL staff.


We did: We set up SSL eReadings to provide digitised copies of printed items that are not already online.


We did: We put an Events Calendar on our website - it includes library skills training sessions & dates for vacation loans.

Equipment to Buy

You said: I like to work in silence, do you have any ear plugs?

Paying Fines Online

You said: Can you accept card payments for fines & lost books?

Library PCs

You said: It took over 10 minutes for my PC to load up this morning.


We did: We now sell ear plugs at the Issue Desk for a small charge.


We did: Our website now has a credit/debit card payment facility.


We did: 19 reader PCs were replaced and start up times are now faster.

Additional Software

You said: Can we have access to Nvivo software?

Equipment to Borrow

You said: The book snakes are very useful - can you get more?

What next?

You: Completed the 2016 Bodleian Readers Survey.


We did: Nvivo has been added to 5 library PCs for use by University members.


We did: Extra book snakes are now available to borrow from the Issue Desk.

Question mark

We: Are analysing your responses and making changes.
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