Library Committee

The Library welcomes feedback from all its users. Academics, researchers and students are represented through the Social Science Library Committee.

The Social Science Library Committee meets once a term, every Friday of Week 5.

Its remit is to provide guidance and advice to the Social Science Librarian on all aspects of library service provision in the SSL (such as opening hours, book selection and IT), and to consider all matters affecting the administration of the SSL (including the budget and staff).  

Each relevant department has an academic and student representative on the Committee to raise issues of concern, give feedback and pass on information from the Library. The Chair of the Committee is James Forder, and the Secretary is Jo Gardner.

The SSL endeavours to be very responsive to the concerns of our readers and current Departmental representatives are listed below.  

NB: Please only contact your library rep with feedback about the SSL or issues you would like discussed by the Committee. For questions about the SSL, or for help with using the library service, please contact the library directly.

Committee Chair

  • James Forder


  • Academic: Alpa Parma
  • Graduate: Laura Fritsch


  • Academic: James Forder
  • Graduates: Lukas Freund, Katarina Kruske
  • Undergraduate: tbc


  • Undergraduate: Rachel Parlour

International Development

  • Academic: Tom Scott-Smith
  • International Development Graduates: Marc Howard, Lloyd Pinnel
  • Migration/Forced Migration Graduates: Katherine Clifton, Lena Kainz, Rachel Mullin

Politics and International Relations

  • Academic: Elizabeth Frazer
  • Politics Graduate: Linda Eggert, Liana Semchuk, Silvia Spodaru
  • International Relations Graduates: Anette Stimmer, Patrick Quinton-Brown, Jens Schulz, Adam McCauley
  • Politics Undergraduate: Matthew Cavanagh

Social Policy and Intervention

  • Academic: Fran Bennett
  • CSP Graduate: Johanna Dombrowski
  • EBSIPE Graduate: Audrey Tan

Socio-Legal Studies

  • Academic: Charles Manson
  • Graduates: Owain Johnstone, Fernanda Farina


  • Academic: Killian Mullan
  • Graduates: Henrieke Max, Dominque Doering, Brittany Klug, Hanne Mysen
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