Main door

The entrance to the library is via a door located in the inner corner of the building (see map below).  Entry is by a swipecard system which uses a reader's University Card or the Bodleian LIbraries' Reader's Ticket.

Next to the swipecard entry system is the exit gate.

Level 4: the Entrance Hall

The following facilities and services are located in the Entrance Hall:

  • Enquiry Services
  • Lending Services
  • Self-issue desks
  • Reader workstations
  • Print, copy & scan machines (PCAS)
  • Reserves
  • Document Supply/ILL reserve

Turning right from the main door, at the far end of the Entrance Hall, are double doors leading to a landing and staircases to the reading rooms On the landing to the left there are change machines.

From this landing staircases lead up to Levels 5, 6, 7 and 8 (which house periodicals) and down to Level 3  (the Textbook Collection), and Level 2 (the underground Lankester Room) which houses books and some periodicals.

The area to the left from the main door is The Lounge: a rest and social area with tables and comfortable seating.  The artwork in this area is the work of students of Ruskin College. 

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Level 3: the Group Study Room

The staircase leads down to a landing and faces a door off the landing to Level 3 which houses the Oxford Mountaineering Library and the Group Study Room.

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Level 2: books

Books (and some periodicals) are in the underground Lankester Room on level 2.

The letters shown on the map below refer to the subject classification, the sequence starts just inside the door.

There is a disabled toilet on this floor.

(Please note that this map is being updated.)

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Levels 5 & 6: periodicals

Some periodicals and bulletins are on levels 5 & 6: the first floor of the Jackson and Worthington wings.

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Levels 7 & 8: periodicals

There are more periodicals on levels 7 & 8: the top floor of the Jackson and Worthington wings.

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Level 4: The Abbot's Kitchen Training Room and Refreshment Area

At the bottom of the staircase from Levels 5 & 7 is the Abbot's Kitchen.  The exterior of this part of the building is modelled on the kitchen at Glastonbury Abbey and shares its name: there is no kitchen here, but it does house a pleasant, relaxing refreshment area with vending machines selling hot and cold drinks, snacks, chocolate and sandwiches.

Beyond the refreshment area is the Training Room.  Training times are displayed on a notice outside the room and when no training is booked the room and its many PCs are available for private and group study use. 

map of the Training Room and refreshment area in the Abbot's Kitchen

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