Inter-library loans and document delivery

If an item is not held in any library in Oxford, we offer an InterLibrary Loan service to obtain loans of books and copies of journal articles from other UK libraries.

Full University Members
Non-University Members
Article (photocopy):£5.00
Article (photocopy):£10.45
Article (electronically delivered):£5.00
Article (electronically delivered):£10.74

How do I submit a request?

First ensure that the item is not available elsewhere in Oxford (this includes reference-only libraries such as the Bodleian Library).To do this, search SOLO. Library staff are available to help you to search if you are unsure.

Collect an InterLibrary Loan Request form from the library issue desk.The form may also be downloaded here and submitted by post with a cheque (made payable to 'Rewley House Continuing Education Library') for the request fee. Please note however that since the form must be signed we are unable to accept completed forms by email.

Fill in the form, including as much detail as possible about the requested item.

Please specify a  'last useful date' after which a request is not required.

The copyright declaration on the form must be signed.

The request fee must be paid at the point of request . We accept cash, or cheques made payable to 'Rewley House Continuing Education Library'.

What happens once I have submitted my request?

We submit most requests to the British Library in the first instance. If the British Library is unable to supply the item we will seek to pass the request to another UK institution where the item is held. We search using COPAC.

We will keep you updated throughout the request process regarding the status of your request.

You will be informed when your item has arrived in the library .

How long will my request take?

For requests fulfilled by the British Library:

Standard book loans: approximately 7 working days

Standard journal articles: approximately 4 working days

Complex requests, and those submitted to other UK institutions may take longer.

How will I collect my request, and will I be able to take it out of the library?


When we inform you that a book has arrived, we will specify until what date it can be consulted before it must be returned to the lending institution.

Most interlibrary loan books (and all theses) will be confined to the library and may not be borrowed.

In some cases (depending on the lending institution) renewal of the loan may be possible (a renewal fee is applicable). We will advise you on this when you collect your item.

Journal articles (photocopies)

Photocopied journal articles are yours to keep. You can collect these at the library issue desk. We can also forward articles by post (please supply a postal address).

Can I receive requested journal articles electronically?

Journal article requests can, in many cases, be delivered electronically via a process called Secure Electronic Delivery (SED).If you would like to receive your request this way, please specify 'Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) on the request form.

How does Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) work?

Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) provides you with an electronic version of the document you have requested in pdf format. Please note that restrictions on use apply. For further information, please visit the British Library website.

Important: In order to be able to read the document you must have the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions (free software) installed on your PC. Please check that you can open this test document before requesting Secure Electronic Delivery.

If you are unable or unwilling to use Adobe Digital Editions yourself, you can still ask us to obtain the item by Secure Electronic Delivery. This method will usually be quicker than if we were to request a photocopy of the item. When we receive the document we will print it out and either send it to you by post or keep it at the library issue desk for you to collect. Please provide clear instructions on the request form.

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