About QR Codes

You will soon start to see QR or ‘Quick Response’ codes appearing around the Radcliffe Science Library. QR codes are a special type of barcode that can be read by a computer or handheld device, such as a smart phone, and translated into text or links to websites. You may already have seen QR codes appearing on everything from food packets to aeroplane tickets.

Where will I find QR codes in the library?

QR codes will start appearing around the entrances to the various levels of the library and at other helpful locations. Look out for our ‘Q? Point’ signs around the building. 

What information can I get from the RSL QR codes?

You’ll get different sorts of information depending on where you are in the library. For example, in some places you’ll see some text telling you about what resources you can find on a particular library level. In other places the QR code will link you to a website to give you some extra information about a library resource, collection or service. 

How do I use the QR codes? 

You’ll need two essential things to be able to use our QR codes –

  • A smart phone or tablet computer which has a camera.
  • An app installed on your device which can interpret QR codes.

When you see a QR code you need to –

  • Activate your QR code reading app.
  • Point your device’s camera at the QR code on display.
  • Give the software time to register and scan the code.
  • Read off the text or visit the website collected by your QR code app. 

How do I get a QR code reading app? 

Free QR code reading apps are available for many smart phones and tablets. We suggest trying BeeTag. This QR code reading app is available for iPads, iPhones, Nokia (Symbian) phones, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and Blackberries. Find BeeTag in the app store you usually use for your device or on the web at http://www.beetagg.com/en/ 

Test your device!

If you’ve installed BeeTag (or similar app), have a go at reading the following code straight from the computer screen. Your app should display the text ‘Welcome to the RSL QR code service!’.


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