3D Printing at the RSL

With the assistance of funding from the Helen Roll Charity, the Radcliffe Science Library has purchased two 3D printers and two 3D scanners. Our intention is to make this printer available to staff and students at the University. We aim to:

  • Allow people to learn about 3D printing
  • Provide access to a working printer at very low cost so that all members of the university have the opportunity to explore 3D printing
  • Stimulate ideas about how 3D printing can be used in teaching, learning and research at the University

About the Printers

The library has purchased two MakerBot printers. These simple printers are able to produce models made of bio-degradable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) plastic. The printer operates by extruding melted plastic in thin layers onto a flat build plate. Successive addition of layers builds up a complete 3D model. Find out more on our 3D Printing LibGuide.

About the Scanners

3D scanners can be used to ‘photocopy’ physical objects. Scanned items can be manipulated and adapted using CAD and image editing software. Replicas or modified versions of the original object can then be printed out using the 3D printer. We have two scanners available:

  • MakerBot Digitizer – for scanning small objects
  • Sense Scanner – for scanning larger objects and people

Find out more on our 3D Printing LibGuide or contact us at rsl3dprinting@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

3D Printing Events

We have some 3D Printer Bring a Design/Object events scheduled:

  • Friday 28 April 1-4pm
  • Friday 26 May 1-4pm

These will take place in the Entrance Hall Lounge at the RSL.

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