Moves of open shelf materials

Closure of Level 6 and reopening of Level 5

Level 6 will be closed to readers from Friday 18 August until further notice. This is to allow books from Level 2 to be moved to Level 6. Level 5 will reopen on this date, as work there has been completed.

Readers needing books should continue to ask staff to fetch them. There may be a slight delay in fetching items if they are in transit, but staff will make every effort to minimise this.

Please note that the lifts will be in constant use by staff for the duration of this work.

We would like to thank readers for their patience during our ongoing relocation of stock.

Closure of Level 2

Level 2 is now permanently closed, and the books previously held there are being relocated to the upper floors. If you need items from Level 2, please ask staff to fetch them.

Construction of a goods lift at the Radcliffe Science Library

A public consultation was held in July 2016 regarding a proposal to create a new goods lift. We have recently obtained planning permission to take this project forward. Construction works began Monday 10 April 2017 and will be complete in the autumn.

Project overview

The lower sub-basement of the RSL is being redeveloped as a shared storage space for the four museums. Storage for the museums is currently spread across a number of sites and the use of the space within the sub-basement of the library will consolidate a large part of this.

The first stage in the redevelopment is the construction of an external lift, which will improve goods access from the parking area of the courtyard in front of the Museum of Natural History to the underground levels of the library. The work will take approximately six months.

Current status

Site set]up is well underway and works have commenced at all levels. Penetrations in the slabs from ground down to the basement levels are now complete and formation of the lift shaft is now underway.

Description of construction work

The creation of the lift shaft will start with a hole being cut in the concrete floor of the courtyard. This will cause some noise and vibration - the build team will do what they can to mitigate this. The team will cut through the car park level, go down through the Lankester Room and then create a lift pit in the -2 level. They will then build the walls back up, creating a lift shaft. A box will be installed to create a glass enclosure. Small lobbies from the lift will be created at levels -1 and -2.

More information


Regular updates about upcoming works will be posted on this page.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience these works may cause. If you have any concerns regarding the above, please contact:

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