About Us

The Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House, commonly known as Rhodes House Library, was opened in 1929 and specialises in the history and current affairs - political, economic and social - of the Commonwealth and sub-Saharan Africa including the offshore islands. The Library holds books, journals, theses, government publications and special collections (manuscripts, archives, special or rare books). The Library is for reference only; there is no lending service.

The Library does not cover the Indian sub-continent or Burma, for which readers should apply to the Upper Camera or Oriental Institute Library (check SOLO for locations); coverage of Sri Lanka is at present shared with the Upper Camera/Oriental Institute Library.

Published material on the United States of America, formerly part of the Library, was transferred in 2001 to the Vere Harmsworth Library which is located a short distance away.

The Library is located in Rhodes House, the administrative and social headquarters of the Rhodes Trust, designed by Sir Herbert Baker.


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