Getting a reader's card

Getting a reader's card (Bodleian Card)

If you are currently attached to an Oxford University institution (as an employee, student, or academic visitor), your blue University card serves as your reader's card (or Bodleian Card).

If you are not a current member of Oxford University, then you will need to apply for an external reader's card, or Library card, at the Admissions Office. This is free for Oxford University graduates, readers who want to access the Weston Library, and current members of other UK universities; otherwise, charges may apply.

If you are currently engaged in academic research or university-level learning, or if you are graduate of the University, then you can apply for an external reader's card by filling in 'Form A'.

If you are engaged in private or commercial research or study, or if you wish to have access to our Special Collections, then you can apply for an external reader's card by filling in both 'Form A' and 'Form B'.

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