East European Collections

Taylor Bodleian Slavonic & Modern Greek Library

The East European collections (ca. 120,000 volumes) focus on the languages, literatures and, to a lesser degree, history and culture of Eastern Europe. They are housed in the Taylor Bodleian Slavonic & Modern Greek Library (or TABS) at 47 Wellington Square.

Holdings are represented in SOLO (opens in new window), the Bodleian Libraries' online catalogue.

Research Collection

Most of the materials focusing on languages and literatures is on open access and is available for loan to registered readers.

There is a small open shelf reference collection on the history of the region. The majority of the library's non-literary holdings are housed offsite at the Bodleian Libraries' Book Storage Facility.

Teaching Collection

The collection's ca. 8,000 volumes are intended primarily for the use of undergraduates studying Russian language and literature at the University. Students of other East European languages and literatures may also access material in the research collections.  

Special Collections

Special collections include the library of the philologist and literary historian W.R. Morfill (1834-1909), the University's first Professor of Russian. The library of the first Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek, R.M. Dawkins (1871-1955), which includes many pre-1800 and early 20th-century items, is of considerable research significance.

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