Inter-library Loans

(A) Requests from Bodleian Libraries Registered Readers

Books, articles or university theses not available in Oxford Libraries may be obtainable through the British Library Document Supply Centre or, in certain cases, when a location is known, by direct application. All requests to the BLDSC must be accompanied by the fullest possible details. Applicants (registered readers of the Library only) should make their request by filling in an inter-library loan form. Please ensure as far as possible that a copy of the item you require is not held in an Oxford library (bear in mind that OLIS does not as yet give the complete holdings of every library). For foreign theses, please check the card catalogue of foreign theses in the Bodleian (Lower Reading Room). Please note that the library does not carry out international searches. (These may be applied for in the Bodleian Library or the Radcliffe Science Library.)

Requests can be made using the Inter-library Loans Request Form.


University Card holders:
Standard loan: £5.00
Standard photocopy: £5.00
Thesis (loan): £5.00

Other readers:
Standard loan: £14.10
Standard photocopy: £10.45

Payment may be made by cash or cheque (made payable to: 'University of Oxford, Sackler Library').

Please address your inter-library loans enquiries to:


(B) Requests From Other UK Libraries

The Sackler Library is willing to accept requests from other libraries for photocopies of articles in books and journals. The Library does NOT lend books or journals.

The requesting library should send its request by email or post (see below), including details of the article/chapter required. If this is not known, we can send a photocopy of the relevant contents page/s. The library's request number and BLDSC account number should also be included.

The charge for the service will be the current BLDSC rate for photocopies.

(C) Requests from Non-UK Libraries

The library does not take part in the International Inter-Library Loan Scheme.


Address: Jane Bruder, Sackler Library, 1 St John Street, Oxford OX1 2LG


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