User research

As well as readership-wide surveys and gathering feedback from our users, we also undertake targeted pieces of research with a specific cohort of users or about a specific topic, library or service.

Recent examples of such user research include:

  • Focus groups with social sciences students about their wishes for a physical library;
  • Usability testing of SOLO;
  • Interviews with Science and Medicine student about their use of the Radcliffe Science Library; and
  • Observations of readers using the non-print legal deposit interface ERICOM.

Join our user pool

We have a database of Bodleian Libraries' users who are willing to be invited to take part in user research. If you would like to join this user pool, please complete the form below.

We will contact you no more than 4 times a year to invite you to take part in a specific piece of user research. You do not have to take part in any of the research we contact you about. By completing this form you are not committing to undertake any research, just giving us permission to email you.

You can withdraw from the user pool at any time by emailing

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