Library Classes

Classes for Michaelmas Term are below, click on the link to get to the booking site.  At the moment on the booking site the sessions for the postgraduate inductions sessions are listed as well but the research classes are towards the bottom of the list.  If you have any problems booking then email


Week 2



10-11am: Current Awareness


11am- 12pm: Brexit Materials
1.30-3pm: Lexis Library

Week 3


10-11am: Tools for Literature Review

1.30-3pm: Reference Management for Lawyers

1.30-3pm: Westlaw

Week 4



10-11am: Intro to Foreign Legal Databases


1.30-3pm: PLC (Practical Law for Companies)
1.30-3pm: JustisOne

Week 5



10-11am: Resources for EU Law


1.30-3pm: HeinOnline

Week 6



10-11am: Public International Law


1.30-3pm: Foreign and International Law Research
Week 7


10-11am: Human Rights Resources


1.30-3pm: Google Scholar
Week 8


10-11am: USA Law Resources


1.30-3pm: Eur-LEX

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