Lectures and seminars in Oxford

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The Colin Franklin Prize Contest 

The Bodleian Libraries award the Colin Franklin Prize for book collecting to a student of the University of Oxford every year. The competition for 2017 is now announced. http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/csb/fellowships/the-colin-franklin-book-collecting-prize 

Bodleian Master Classes in medieval manuscripts

All at 2:15 in the Horton Room, Weston Library (Level 1). All welcome with a Bodleian reader's ticket or University card. Others please email bookcentre@bodleian.ox.ac.uk 

16 January (week 1) Lesley Smith (History/Harris Manchester) 'Books for the medieval classroom'
30 January (week 3) Giovanni Varelli (Music/Magdalen) 'The earliest examples of musical notation and liturgical manuscripts in the Bodleian'
13 February (week 5) Michelle Brown (Institute of English Studies, London) 'Insular minuscule: from Wearmouth-Jarrow to Wessex'
27 February (week 7) Bernard Meehan (Trinity College, Dublin) The Macregol Gospels  

The Seminar in History of the Book

The History of the Book and Cultural History, History of Art, Classics, Economics, Manuscript studies, Theology, and Law
Fridays 2.15, in the Weston Library, Visiting Scholars’ Centre (Level 2)
Convenor: Cristina Dondi (Lincoln College and 15cBOOKTRADE)

20 January (Week 1) Professor Ian Maclean, All Souls College, Oxford: The Italian Trade with the Frankfurt Book Fair around 1600
27 January (Week 2): Dr Louis-Gabriel Bonicoli, Paris: Parisian Early Printed Book Illustration (around 1500)
3 February (Week 3): Professor Stephen Oakley, Faculty of Classics, Cambridge University: Incunabular Stemmatics  
10 February (Week 4): Dr Jeremiah Dittmar, Department of Economics, London School of Economics: The Price of Books in Early Modern Europe: An Economic Perspective
24 February (Week 6): Dr David Speranzi, Firenze, Istituto Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento:  Greek Script and Type in the Fifteenth century. Demetrius Damilas between Milan and Florence
3 March (Week 7): Dr Paul Needham, Scheide Library, Princeton University Library: The Gutenberg Bible in the Context of Fifteenth-Century Manuscript Bibles
10 March (Week 8): Professor Rodolfo Savelli, Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Università di Genova: Printing the Corpus iuris civilis in the Sixteenth Century

Lunchtime lecture: Keys to Colour Printing: toy books and yellowbacks in the Bodleian

Francesca Tancini (Humfrey Wanley Visiting Fellow, Bodleian Libraries)
Wednesday, 18 January at 1 pm-1:40 pm,  in the Lecture Theatre, Weston Library
All welcome but places are limited so please book a free ticket online.

Late Medieval Europe Seminar: Paper and Parchment

Convenors: Oren Margolis, Natalia Nowakowska, Hannah Skoda, John Watts
Wednesdays at 5 pm, St John’s College, New Seminar Room

18 January (Week 1):John Gagné (University of Sydney) Toward a History of Obliteration in the Age of Paper
25 January (Week 2): Oren Margolis (Somerville College) Divine Impressions: Aldus Manutius and Catherine of Siena
1 February (Week 3): Cristina Dondi (Lincoln College) The Economic Dimension of Early Printing: Book Prices in Venice (1484-88), from the Zornale of Francesco de Madiis
8 February (Week 4): Katrin Kogman Appel (University of Münster / Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) The Manuscript/Print Age in Jewish Book History: The Different Audiences of the Illustrated Passover Haggadah
15 February (Week 5): Stella Panayotova (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) Painting on Parchment
22 February (Week 6): Stephen Milner (University of Manchester) Book Cultures: Forensic Science and Textual Hermeneutics
1 March (Week 7): Torsten Hiltmann (University of Münster) Coats of Arms in Books and Beyond: The Objectivation of Heraldry and Its Materiality
8 March (Week 8): Final discussion and display of early books in St John’s College Library 

Bodleian Master classes in Early Modern manuscripts

All at 2:15 in the Horton Room, Weston Library (Level 1). All welcome with a Bodleian reader's ticket or University card. Others please email bookcentre@bodleian.ox.ac.uk 

23 January (Week 2) Victoria Pickering (QMUL) 'Richard Richardson and his 'Botanick friends': Bodleian correspondence and natural history in the early eighteenth century'
6 February (Week 4) Chris Fletcher (Bodleian)  "Good Mr Wagstaffe": a project team presentation showcasing new electronic student editions of early modern letters in the Bodleian
20 February (Week 6): Justin Begley (Oxford), 'Margaret Cavendish in the Bodleian: Gifts, Corrections, and Annotations'
6 March (Week 8): Daniel Starza-Smith (KCL) 'A manuscript of John Donne's 'Goodfriday' from the collection of Robert S. Pirie – poor memorial reconstruction, or authorial early version?

Café Scientifique at the Weston Library

Nicole Gilroy and Andrew Honey (Bodleian Conservation), 'Science and the love of books: parchment, paper and bindings'
Tuesday, 14 February, 7.30 pm, Blackwell Hall, Weston Library
All welcome. For details, see the Café Scientifique website: http://bit.ly/1WLIIBf 

Children and the news in the long 18th century

Jill Shefrin (Royal Bank of Canada Foundation-Bodleian Fellow)
Thursday, 16 February, at 5:30 pm in the Lecture Theatre, Weston Library
All welcome but places are limited so please book a free ticket online. 

Seminar: Traditions in Motion: The Circulation of Texts, 1100-1900

Convenors: Joanna Weinberg and John-Paul Ghobrial.
Quarrell Room, Exeter College. Thursdays, 2:15pm, followed by tea.
All are welcome.

Week 1 (19 January) Stefano Zacchetti (Balliol College, Oxford ) Not what the Buddhists did: Matteo Ricci’s Chinese Translation of Epictetus
Week 2 (26 January) Alastair Hamilton (American University in Cairo) Johann Michael Wansleben: an early use of Arabic sources in Ottoman Egypt
Week 3 (2 February) Ada Rapoport-Albert (University College, London) Trans-cultural Sectarians: The Messianic Cult of Jacob Frank and His Daughter in Eighteenth-Century Poland
Week 4 (9 February) Peter Hill (Christ Church College, Oxford) The First Arabic Translations of Enlightenment Literature: Syrians, Greeks and Franks in Damietta, 1808-1818
Week 5 (16 February) No Meeting
Week 6 (23 February) Elliott Horowitz A Sixteenth-Century Hebrew Catechism by a Convert from Judaism, and its Use by Modern Missionaries
Week 7 (2 March) Thomas Roebuck (University of East Anglia) Thomas Smith (1638-1710) and His Journey to the Levant: Continuities and Transformations in Oriental Scholarship
Week 8 (9 March) Krisztina Szilágyi (University of Cambridge) The Story of ‘Antar in Jewish and Christian Manuscripts 

E.A. Lowe Lectures in Palaeography 2017

Professor Rod Thomson, 'The Fox and the Bees; the First Century of the Library of Corpus Christi College'
Professor Thomson is Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at the University of Tasmania.  He has written extensively about books, libraries and learning in medieval Europe, with special attention to the monk and scholar William of Malmesbury.  He has compiled six descriptive catalogues of medieval manuscripts in English collections.
Wednesday, 22 February – 'The Founder as Shaping Force: Richard Fox and his Books'
Friday, 24 February – 'The First President as Fox's Instrument: John Claymond's Donations'
Monday, 27 February - 'The Library they Produced'
All at 5 pm in the MBI Al Jaber Auditorium, Corpus Christi College

The D.F. McKenzie Lecture 2017

Professor Peter Kornicki (Cambridge) ‘Publish and perish in Japan: why manuscripts continued to circulate in the age of print’
Thursday, 23 February
5pm, Lecture Theatre 2, English Faculty, St Cross Building

The Lyell Lectures 2017

Paul Nelles (Carleton)  'The Vatican Library and the Counter-Reformation'
Beginning Thursday, 4 May 2017 in the Lecture Theatre, Weston Library 




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