Week of Monday 20 May 2019

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Babel: Adventures in Translation

15 February 2019 — 2 June 2019

Babel: Adventures in Translation takes visitors beyond the ancient myth of the Tower of Babel and society's quest for a universal language to explore the…

White Rose: Writing and Resistance

18 May 2019 — 7 July 2019

In the early 1940s, five students and their professor secretly wrote and distributed leaflets calling on Germans to resist Hitler. This display explores how the…

Six-week linocut workshop

1 May 2019 — 5 June 2019

Linocut printmaking using the Bodleianís hand-operated presses. This course will enable you to work on a linocut prints, in black and white or colour, working…

Oxford's stone heads: history and mysteries

4 May 2019 — 21 July 2019

350 years of heritage explored through three generations of Broad Streetís famous sculptures. Follow their journeys and discover the myths behind their identities. Understand how…

Six-week letterpress course

30 April 2019 — 11 June 2019

Design and print workshop using the Bodleian's hand-operated presses in the Bodleian Library. This course will enable you to set and print a short text…

Thinking 3D: Leonardo to the present

21 March 2019 — 9 February 2020

For centuries, artists and scientists have wrestled with how to convey three-dimensional objects on the page. Using some of the Bodleian Librariesí finest books, manuscripts,…

Sheldon Tapestry Map talks

22 June 2015 — 1 January 1970

A member of the Bodleian's Map Room team will talk about the background of the Sheldon Tapestry Map of Oxfordshire, which is displayed in Blackwell…

The life and times of a dying language: the story of Istro-Romanian and its speakers

22 May 2019

Istro-Romanian is a nearly extinct language spoken in Croatia, and once more widely in the Balkans. It is related to Romanian but became separated from…

Portuguese literature - literatures of multilingual Europe

22 May 2019

This is a mini-series of lectures offering an introduction to lesser-known European literatures (Galician, Portuguese and Lithuanian) and an alternative perspective on creative multilingualism from…

Before the portolan charts: lost maps of the sea in the Fatimid Book of Curiosities

23 May 2019

This talk will examine the cartographical representation of Mediterranean maritime spaces in the recently discovered Fatimid Book of Curiosities , written circa 1020- 1050 and…

The contents of the book go up to heaven: Bodleian fragments from the Cairo Genizah

24 May 2019

Books and written documents have been an integral part of Jewish liturgy, part of intellectual and of daily life in the Middle Ages but the…

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