Week of Monday 15 May 2017

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Painting by numbers

29 April 2017 — 9 July 2017

Ferdinand Bauer was the artist behind one of the world's great botanical books, the Flora Graeca (1806-40). Bauer made hundreds of pencil sketches of plants…

Letterpress six week course

26 April 2017

Design and print workshop using the Bodleian's hand-operated presses in the Old Bodleian Library. This course will enable you to set and print a short…


10 February 2017 — 21 May 2017

From fire-belching mountains to blood-red waves of lava, volcanoes have captured the attention of scientists, artists and members of the public for centuries. In this…

Bodleian Treasures: 21 pairs and a tropical forest

18 March 2017 — 11 February 2018

An exhibition displaying a selection of the Bodleian Libraries' most magnificent items. It features rare and renowned items including Handel's Messiah , Shakespeare's First Folio,…

Sheldon Tapestry Map talks

22 June 2015 — 1 January 1970

A member of the Bodleian's Map Room team will talk about the background of the Sheldon Tapestry Map of Worcestershire, which is displayed in Blackwell…

Digitization for research at the Bodleian: creating tools for active scholarship

16 May 2017

Institutions like the Bodleian Libraries have been digitizing their holdings for decades now. These digitized collections have not always been easy to find or use,…

Scribes in the city - Lyell Lectures 2017

16 May 2017

Sixteenth-century Rome was a hub of scribal activity: work-a-day copyists, notaries, and highly skilled scribes (such as those employed in the Vatican Library) all made…

Making the Flora Graeca

17 May 2017

Between 1806 and 1840, the Flora Graeca, one the world's most expensive and magnificent natural history books was published. This was the culmination of botanical…

Urbs et orbis. Popes and printers - Lyell Lectures 2017

18 May 2017

Successive sixteenth-century popes aspired to supply purified and corrected ecclesiastical texts to the far-flung corners of Christendom. This lecture explores the frequently tumultuous relationship between…

From the frozen north to the steamy jungles: present day botanical illustration in Oxford

19 May 2017

In this lecture, Rosemary Wise will discuss some highlights of her long career as a travelling botanical illustrator, a career that has taken her from…

The Book Index

20 May 2017 — 9 July 2017

Since the middle ages, the humble book index has served as an invaluable aid for students and scholars, helping us to navigate our books, and…

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