Week of Monday 20 March 2017

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10 February 2017 — 21 May 2017

From fire-belching mountains to blood-red waves of lava, volcanoes have captured the attention of scientists, artists and members of the public for centuries. In this…

Percy Manning: the man who collected Oxfordshire

18 February 2017 — 23 April 2017

The antiquary and folklorist Percy Manning amassed enormous collections of material relating to Oxfordshire. This display illustrates their extraordinary breadth, from archaeology and buildings history…

Bodleian Treasures: 21 pairs and a tropical forest

18 March 2017 — 11 February 2018

An exhibition displaying a selection of the Bodleian Libraries' most magnificent items. It features rare and renowned items including Handel's Messiah , Shakespeare's First Folio,…

Sheldon Tapestry Map talks

22 June 2015 — 1 January 1970

A member of the Bodleian's Map Room team will talk about the background of the Sheldon Tapestry Map of Worcestershire, which is displayed in Blackwell…

Brain imaging then and now

20 March 2017

We know people have been thinking about brains since ancient Egyptian times. From the sixth century BCE people began to understand that the brain was…

The Indian heroine in history, art & performance 

22 March 2017

A one-day interdisciplinary symposium which seeks to explore the unfolding story of the female heroine, or nayika, in South Asian cultural history. Convened by Oxford…

What happened to the extraordinary collections of Percy Manning?

22 March 2017

Percy Manning left his extraordinary collections to Oxford University on his death in 1917. They cover every aspect of Oxfordshire history and life, from the…

Writing the history of the Raj

25 March 2017 — 14 May 2017

James Mill's History of British India was taught to generations of colonial rulers. On its 200th anniversary, we explore the story behind and reaction to…

In their shoes: the historic ledgers of Oxford shoemakers Ducker & Son

25 March 2017 — 26 March 2017

This display features a small selection of the historic customer ledgers of venerable Oxford shoemaker, Ducker & Son, which served 'town and gown' from its…

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