Set in Stone?

18 May 2019 12.00am 4.00pm


Blackwell Hall, Weston Library (Map)


Education |


Uncover the history and mysteries of the three generations of Oxford’s Sheldonian Heads. They have been called the Emperors, the Philosophers, and the Apostles, but we don’t know who or what these stone heads are supposed to represent. Why did Sir Christopher Wren include them in the design for the Sheldonian Theatre? What stories do they reveal about Oxford and its past? And where are the first two generations of heads?

Visit the mobile heritage lab van and explore the Weston Library and the History of Science Museum to find out how Heritage Science reveals, preserves and shapes the past, present and future of public sculpture and art.

A display exploring 350 years of heritage through three generations of Broad Street’s famous sculptures - Oxford's stone heads: history and mysteries - will be in Blackwell Hall, between 4 May and 21 July 2019.

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Admission free; drop in.

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