The D F McKenzie Lecture - learning to read: linking biology and culture via cognition

7 February 2019 5.00pm 6.00pm


Professor Kate Nation, St John's College


Janet Walwyn |


Writing systems are cultural inventions that have evolved fairly recently, yet our capacity to read is rooted in our biology. Cognitive architectures developed for other purposes – speech and language, memory, perception – are hijacked during the course of reading acquisition, resulting in a reading system that is highly skilled and highly efficient.

This lecture will consider the challenges facing children as they first encounter print and follow their journey to expertise as written language itself begins to shape how they process and represent their worlds. 

Followed by a drinks reception in The English Faculty Foyer.

Venue: Lecture Theatre 2, English Faculty, St Cross Building, Oxford.


Free admission, no need to book.  

This event is listed under: Lectures and talks; Free events
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