23 February 2018 7.30pm 8.30pm


Wolfson College (Map)


Zoo Indigo


Emma Stanford -


This physical theatre performance investigates the relationship between the computer language of binary code and the rich and colourful language of human dialogue. Five performers step into the minds of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, leap between the cogs of the chad machine and balance in the grey areas between the yes and no of the here and now. They equate bits, personalise punch machines and fall in love with digital screens.

Commissioned by Professor Gabriel Egan of De Montfort University, artists Rosie Garton and Kerryn Wise have created a highly visual and playful work that blends art and sdcience into a unique performance that promises to be an informative and entertaining theatre experience.

The performance will be hosted by Wolfson College's Digital Research Events Cluster and followed by a wine reception. It is presented by the Bodleian Libraries, Wolfson College, De Montfort University, and the Arts & Humanities Research Council as a complement to Gabriel Egan's Working with Digital Text workshop, which introduces participants to the basics of analyzing digital text corpora.

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Free admission.

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